Semi-Custom Training Plan


Training for a specific event and I don’t have a pre-built training plan for you?  I can create a semi-custom plan tailored to your event or goal!

IMPORTANT: Before purchasing this option, please fill out this interest form.  This ensures that I think one of my training plans will be a good fit for you AND that I have the bandwidth to get it to you in a timely manner.  Once I’ve confirmed that I can help you, then come back here to hit purchase.  Thanks!

Here’s what you can expect:

👉 Training plan in a PDF or Training Peaks format (your choice)
👉 6-12 weeks of workouts (depending on how much time you have until your event)
👉 3-5 workouts per week (depending on how much time you have to train)
👉 Detailed guide on how to plan your week, complete workouts, nutrition and hydration recommendations, off the bike recovery, and LOTS more

What makes it semi-custom rather than fully custom?  With a fully custom training plan, a coach will meet with you 1:1, analyze your training data, and make adjustments as you go.  With a semi custom training plan, I will create a training plan based off of your goals, fitness level, and the amount of time you have to train, but any adjustments along the way will be up to you.  (Although I do provide general guidelines on what to do if you get sick, miss a workout, etc).

This plan is great for you if:

✅ You are 6-12 weeks out from an event / trip / goal
✅ You have at least 3-4 days per week to train
✅ You are self-motivated and don’t need 1:1 coaching
✅ You are a road cyclist, mountain biker, or gravel rider (I can create a plan for any discipline)

This plan is NOT for you if:

❌ You’re looking to build general fitness without a goal (check out my cycling fitness training plan instead)
❌ You want to work with a coach 1:1

About Coach Kristen

kristen bonkoski

Kristen Bonkoski is a USA Cycling certified coach and the owner and founder of Femme Cyclist. Kristen’s favorite disciplines are mountain biking and bike commuting, although you can also find her cranking out a century on her road bike and touring with her husband and son.  If it has to do with two wheels, she enjoys doing it.

Please note that this is a digital product, and all purchases are final and non-refundable.