XC Mountain Bike Race Training Plan For Beginner/Sport Racers


Whether you’re preparing for your first ever mountain bike race, or you want to be competitive racing in the Sport class, this 12-week training plan will make sure that you cross that finish line successfully.  

We will work on both speed (races are fast) and endurance (so you don’t fizzle out halfway through).  

Comes in a PDF version as well as an option to access the training plan in TrainingPeaks as well.

Here’s what you can expect:

👉 42 page PDF, training plan worksheet, training journal, and email access to coach Kristen
👉 12 weeks of workouts
👉  4 workouts per week
👉 Up to 6 hours of on-the-bike training per week
👉 Recommendations for off the bike training (strength and mobility)
👉 Tips for racing
👉 Uses training zones based off of perceived exertion, heart rate, or power (perceived exertion option means you do NOT need a heart rate monitor or power meter)
👉 Detailed guide on how to plan your week, complete workouts, nutrition and hydration recommendations, off the bike recovery, and LOTS more

This plan is great for you if:

✅ You just signed up for your first cross-country mountain bike race
✅ You’ve done a few races but would like to get faster and stronger
✅ You have limited time to train
✅ You will be racing in the Beginner or Sport categories

This plan is NOT for you if:

❌ You’re training for a long-distance MTB race or downhill race (there are better plans out there for you)
❌ You want to work with a coach 1:1
❌ You have more than 6 hours per week to train
❌ You’re racing in the Expert or Pro categories

About Coach Kristen

kristen bonkoski

Kristen Bonkoski is a USA Cycling certified coach and the owner and founder of Femme Cyclist. Kristen’s favorite disciplines are mountain biking and bike commuting, although you can also find her cranking out a century on her road bike and touring with her husband and son.  If it has to do with two wheels, she enjoys doing it.

Please note that this is a downloadable PDF, and all purchases are final and non-refundable.